Releases and cooperations:

Play ShorCut To Polish Music - compilation.
The Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Schortcut have released an album with four CD's featuring Polish contemporary music. The CDs feature pieces by more than 50 groups including: Myslovitz, Cool Kids of Death, Pogodno, Behemoth, Robotobibok, Kanal Audytywny, Pink Freud, Scianka, the band of Kasia Nosowska, Renat Przemyk and many others. The album are accompanied by further information on the groups and a board game; a map of European festivals with the most important events grouped according to the country.

WIDOK. WRO MEDIA ART READER. From Absolute Cinema to Future Film - Materials from the history of experiment in the art of moving picture (Book + DVD)

SOCIAL HACKING (KURATOR) - dvd features documentation of works. Published by University of Plymouth Press (2008)

CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Compilation with our "Lobo" track!

music (jingles, credits etc.) for TV surreality show: BADANI

remix for Italian metal band Thee Maldoror Kollective...
Noci[V]ty [walloFsound/soundkilla mix] - EuroSatan3000/Mikrokilla

game console interpretation "Shady Blues" by Lee Mason from 1968 (out on 7" vinyl) for hip-hop artist PER VERS:
(playground music - 2005)
track 14: �Singlepigen part 2� (3:20)

microscope session dvd 2.0: new cooperations in sound and visuals
Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and the artist group organises a series of events entitled microscope session. With the Festspielhaus Hellerau as its venue the "microscope session" event experiments with forms of synaesthetic perception. It serves the contemporary desire for synaesthetic perception. The result of four years work is now compiled in the storage device of a DVD. All those who participated in the events so far were invited to contribute a clip. The outcome is at hand and comprises 43 international Electronica musicians and visual artists.

samplicity - one step further - Warsaw Electronic Festival 2003 compilation

CD-R (demo):

mikroOrchestra Project - lajv_ad_hom (2002)

01 - microbe
02 - fake drummer
03 - probbe
04 - nanodrummer
05 - moscow
06 - gbprocedur

total time 46:23

#24/2002 (CD-R),
Relased by Mik.musik.!.2002 "crisis series", under license from SLA records.

Limited, handnumbered editions - first 55 copies, second 55 copies.

improvised recordings made on gameboy consoles. smart noise-game. let be the best recommendation - this cdr will be out at about two weeks after gbop highly acclaimed show during ars electronica02 festival in linz! not only for small"n"digital instruments radicals!